Wednesday, June 13

Plague Tip - Get familiar with the World Map

Plague Tip #1 – Get familiar with the World Map

Plague divides the world up into 58 different regions.  Many regions are individual countries such as United States, New Zealand, and Russia but other countries, often small and poor are lumped together into regions such as Central Africa, East Africa or the Baltic States.  Sometimes a single country name will represent a region of more than one country. 

Different pathogen mutations have drastically varying levels of effectiveness based on the individual traits of the country such as wealth and climate. Because Plague Inc. is a “hyper realistic” game it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with these areas.  For each of the 58 areas you should learn whether the climate is hot or cold, rich or poor ad urban or rural. 

Take time out to click on the information icon of a region.  To do this, click the regions name at the bottom of the screen and click the letter “i” in the upper left hand corner.  You’ll be presented with information such as that shown below.

 Don't have the time or patience?  Read the Plague Inc. Atlas.


  1. I have beaten the Fungus level three times on casual. And i still cannot access the next level, and i have killed every single fucking person the message pops up telling me so. Im about to delete this app.

    1. you have to beat it on normal or brutal, not casual.

  2. You have to beat it on Normal or higher to unlock the next level

  3. can't see the world map only white screen,, help!!

  4. Replies
    1. Not necessarily. I use Casual for quick practice runs and familiarising myself with new plague types.

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  6. This is the easiest I've ever done this....

    Start in India

    Buy in order:
    Drug resistance 1
    Genetic hardening 1
    Genetic reshuffle 1 & 2
    Water 1
    Heat resistance 1
    (when you get a surge of newly infected countries around this time and your points shoot up, work your way to the center of symptoms to get Total Organ Failure and necrosis)
    Code fragmentation
    Rodent 1
    Insect 1
    Heat Resistance 2
    Cold resistance 1 & 2
    Air 1 & 2
    Drug resistance 2
    Genetic reshuffle 2 & 3
    Drug Immunity (unlocked after G.R.3)
    Code Segment & Radical Elements Encryption Breach

    By now you should be able to sit back and unleash he'll as the last few undestroyed countries collapse.

  7. Can anyone explain the technicalities of the dna point system without making it super-complicated? Just what are bubbles anyways?

    I'm not new to the game, just struggling w/parasite brutal. Frugal strategist, conquered all 7 diseases on normal & all the brutals to this point. Can't get any further it seems until I firm understanding of the diff types of pts. Help anyone?